Vanilla Gift Card 100% Better Using These Strategies

With the arrival of summer and seasonal holidays, the moment of rewarding your workers and clients also becomes essential. So the ideal is that you give them a gift that they can enjoy on these hot days, beach or mountains. And don’t worry, you don’t have to incur big expenses. There are also gifts and gift cards at promotional prices that are just as appropriate for customers and workers. Vanilla gift balance and make your closed one’s holiday better.

What to give to workers and customers this summer?: Ideas for cheap corporate gifts

Here is the selection of quality and affordable ideas:

Personalized keychains: They are a simple, cheap and beautiful gift. The reason for the keychain could be summer season, that is, glasses, a shirt, Vanilla gift balance a beach ball, a starfish. Anyway, some option that corresponds to the summer. Remember to personalize it with the name of the worker or client, as well as place the logo or name of your company. Well, it is also a good way to promote your brand.

Scarves: And who doesn’t need a scarf in their wardrobe? Your clients and workers will thank you, since they are an ideal accessory for days at the beach, pool or mountain. As well as they would become an ideal complement for a casual look at another time of the year.

Photo frames: Everyone knows that in the summer photographs do not take long, so it becomes the perfect time to give a photo frame to your clients and / or workers.

Glass cup: In fact, you can give it away in a small cardboard box decorated and personalized with the name of who is directed. A crystal glass is a good gift for any time of the year, but in the summer everyone will want to bring one for their travels.

PlasticCup: And of course, plastic cups are also the ideal companion for summer vacations. So they are an economical, functional and pleasant option to give to your clients and / or workers.

Paper bag: It is very versatile and functional. In fact, they could reuse the paper bag for other purposes.

Aluminum card holder: It is an extremely economical and versatile option. You can give an aluminum card holder to both your customers and your workers. In addition, you can personalize it with the information of your company and the person who will receive it. These cheap corporate gift ideas are tailored for both your customers and your company’s workers and executives.

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