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He additionally acts somewhat mechanically, turning his head slowly and moving without jumping/sprinting. Nonetheless, the Dream voice in his head claims it might remember every little thing from when he’s in the under walk. Rainbow also can remember transient flashes of things that have occurred whereas he was enderwalking, which normally occurs instantly after he finds something that will set off these reminiscences. This state is largely unaware of surrounding individuals except attacked, doesn’t appear to have the identical aversion in the direction of eye contact as his regular self, and might paralyze individuals by holding eye contact with them (as demonstrated by an encounter with CaptainPuffy). While Rainbow not often exhibits his enderwalk state on stream, others have witnessed him in it.

He additionally tends to do issues without understanding why he’s doing them as if his enderwalk state is answerable for these actions instead. Things have been noted as lacking by Rainbow even though is having a recollection of getting them the day before. Sam described Ranboo’s enderwalk as speaking normally during his prison go to Ranboo Merch Dream, and Ranboo has written English entries in his memory guide while enderwalking, suggesting that this state does have the power to talk/write English; nonetheless, the exterior of these instances, Ranboo’s enderwalk self has only ever communicated in Ender (if at all). During each on-stream look of Ranboo’s enderwalk state, he does not speak nor write in English, instead of utilizing the Ender alphabet for written messages and avoiding verbal communication fully.

For an unknown purpose, for the reason that Disc Confrontation, his enderwalk state has been “taking over” as more of its traits or actions steadily occur in Ranboo’s awake self. He considered making the room into a lab for his enderwalk experiments, as he “felt alright” there, then left for the house shortly after, recording his findings in his memory e-book and deciding to ask Phil about it later. He generally finds himself wandering in the direction of an unknown location that his enderwalk state would go to or has been to, such because of the portal to Dream’s bunker. Alongside this “taking over” process, Ranboo has gained more enderman talents, choosing blocks with his fingers.

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